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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can use bitter plus?

Bitter plus herbal capsule can be used by person suffering from any of the following conditions:

How does bitter plus work?

We are not left out due to the high resistivity of pathogen to most drugs used in the treatment of bacteria infections. Our team of medical experts have been able to design BITTERPLUS as a broad spectrum antibiotics, naturally extracted from herbs to which has the ability to insert its lipophilic tail into the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane which causes rapid depolarization, potassium efflux, and inhibition of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis of these pathogen and thus eradicating them completely from the system. Our infection drugs are also designed to inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis and disrupts membrane barrier function, thereby making the pathogens susceptible to death.

Bittter Plus creates a well balanced immune system response that helps the body ward off different diseases.

What are the main ingredients of bitter plus capsules?

Bitter Plus herbal capsule contains blend of potent medicinal plants such as Vernonia amygdalina,Hilleria Latifolia and Ageratum conyzoides. The health benefits and medicinal properties of these herbal plants are known since antiquity.

What is the dosage of bitter plus?

For best results BITTER PLUS should be taken for a period of 90 days. Take two (2) capsules twice daily immediately after meal.

What are the side effects of bitter plus?

BITTER PLUS is made with 100% natural ingredients with no side effects.

What other things can bitter plus do to the body?

BITTER PLUS detoxifies the body.

What may I be noticing while taking bitter plus?

You may experience increased quest for food. You may also experience frequency in urination due to its detoxification effects to the body.

How much is a container of bitter plus?

Each container of 90 capsules cost #6000.

Can i use other herbal preparations for some other conditions while taking bitter plus?

Please do not use this product with other herbal preparations for some other conditions.

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